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You’re Special Just Not That Special (Part 2)

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Many years ago now?

I read a book called The Manual.

Of all the pickup artist books I’ve read?

This one is absolutely the BEST.

Though I don’t advocate for his pickup style with its emphasis on “getting to sex?” Many of the things he wrote in this excellent book have registered with me nonetheless.

Through reading this tome?

I came to understand my purpose.

That romantic love is the most important thing.

More important than anything else.

Of course what W Anton was actually saying was “getting to sex with you girls” is the most important. He encourages guys not to waste their time chasing money and fame first.

Instead he points to the three key things.

The ones that in you girls produces attraction.



And the willingness to lead.

Another key thing he identifies is a central factor in your female “mating” psychology. He teaches guys to take advantage of the fact you girls always want to be considered “more special” than the rest.

I’ve seen this with you constantly.

Including girls I’ve had relationships with.

In one way or another?

You all demonstrate this “need” to be the “special one.”

For whatever reason you are never satisfied with us simply finding you special. Even finding you completely unique doesn’t satisify your wish.

What is it you want from us?

To be considered the MOST special.

Our “favorite” as you often say.

Every other girl must be LESS special and unique than you.

Of course if you apply a bit of logic here you will see you’re being totally ridiculous. If something is totally unique and special nothing else can BE more special than it.

But the same thing applies in reverse.

That’s why as guys we love EACH of you for your uniqueness.

So despite your desire to be his favorite?

You’ll have to settle for “just” special instead.

What do you think girls? Do you really need your guy to see you as the ultimate girl on the planet, or is it enough that he loves and appreciates you for the wonderful, special, unique person you actually are?

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