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You’re Perfect That’s What Scares Me (Part 2)

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You’re thinking to yourself, “He’s perfect.”

You’re only on your first date with him.

But already you feel the chemistry.

Everything is so right.

As you share with him how you feel about life, he is giving you his full attention. Not only does he listen, but he also asks intelligent questions that show he really cares.

He tells you how amazing you are.

Talks about things you should do together.

You can already imagine traveling with him.

Imagine living with him too!

As you are saying goodbye for the night and he’s getting ready to leave you, he pulls you close and just like in the movies, his lips meet yours.

And at that moment you know it.

That first kiss tells you everything.

Here is a guy who will truly love you.

You’ve finally found “the one.”

Though I would like to think what I’ve just described is something that would give you girls a chuckle? Truth be told, most of you are out there looking for this perfect guy, to make your “dream come true.”

Only problem with that dream?

Too often it turns into a nightmare.

While you’re busy “falling in love?”

He’s just seducing you.

Sometimes this is deliberate on his part, and he’s only trying to get into your pants. Other times, he’s just as na├»ve regarding how he’s feeling about you.

One thing you should know by now?

NOBODY is perfect.

If that’s how he’s feeling to you?

There are red flags behind his eyes of blue.

I’m not telling you that these warning signs mean it’s certain things won’t work out for you. But I am telling you the best way to guard against this is simply to SLOW DOWN.

Fight the urge to fantacize.

Take the time to really get to know him.

If 6 months or a year from now you feel the same?

Maybe then you can “start” to dream.

What do you say girls? Are you guilty of weaving a fantasy the moment you’ve met him, and aren’t you putting more than just a little too much weight on how he makes you feel?

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