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You’re Not Looking For “The One” You’re Looking For “Every One” Of Them

If there is one thing I’ve learned?

We are fickle creatures.

I know.

You think you’ll love him or her forever.

But actually, if you watch your patterns over time what you’ll discover instead, is you’re not even good at loving your partner for NOW.

As soon as you think you’ve found “the one?”

You begin to take them for granted.

You start to subject them to expectations.

You start to act like you OWN them.

What you have to understand is you come by this tendency quite naturally, because nature simply does not have your love life in mind.

Oh yes.

It wants to you “fall in love.”

Find “the one.”

But after those babies are made?

It wants you to “fall out of love” again.

So if finding “the one” isn’t the way to go, then what ARE you supposed to be seeking? Are you supposed to assume that no matter what you do, love will forever evade you?

Not at all.

You just have to get smart.

Just like when you garden?

You have to tend the emotional WEEDS you’re seeing.

The way you do this is by realizing, you’re not seeking “the one” at all. You’re actually seeking “every one” of them.

You’re seeking to have lovers in your life.


Not one.

With just one?

You are GOING to assume upon them.

What you should do is always be open to love, and then embrace it wherever you find it. What you are seeking is others who like yourself, desire to enjoy romantic love without all the baggage.

Romantic Friendships.

That’s what you seek.

Look for people who will simply love YOU.

Give up on “the one.”

Embrace “every one” of them instead.

How about you? Are you ready to stop looking for “the one,” so you can be open to love wherever you find it?

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