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You’re Not Independent You’re Dominant

A while back I started a blog post series.

It’s titled Independent Woman Or Disney Fantasy 2.0?

In it I review the character traits of the so called “Independent Woman.”

I also tell you why I think you should pass on that paradigm.

That series frustrated more than a few of you girls.

But only because you didn’t really get it.

You thought I was criticizing you being independent, and some of you even thought I was telling you that you should instead be submissive.

Submissiveness in a girl is a very attractive trait.

But only because it means you’re not trying to compete.

No guy wants his girl competing with him.

He gets enough of that from his bros.

But the real problem isn’t about independence versus submissiveness, because you can actually be both of those quite nicely.

Cool Girl is a VERY independent girl.

But she is also very submissive too.

I have another girl friend who is like this as well.

She used to be just submissive.

Now she has balanced that with a wonderful independence.

It makes her all the more attractive.

Submissiveness without independence is neediness.

So if it’s not bad to be independent, then why was I so hard on you “independent women?” The answer is because, if it’s important to you to be known as an “independent woman” you aren’t one.

If you were truly independent?

You wouldn’t care what I think about you.

Or what anybody ELSE thinks for that matter.

That’s what independence means.

You are not emotionally needy.

You don’t need recognition or affirmation at all.

As a truly independent person, you don’t need to push for anyone to acknowledge it, because you are completely comfortable in your own skin.

When you are independent like THIS?

You can also freely be submissive.

Because you have no felt need to dominate anybody?

You don’t need to do things your way.

You don’t care about control.

You’re quite happy to just go with the flow.

When you are dominant, you care very DEEPLY what others think about you, and you are frequently found trying to convince them of your independence.

You are seeking to control people’s view of you.

It matters to you how they treat you.

None of this is your fault of course.

You come by this quite naturally.

It’s part of the feminist culture you were raised in.

Many of your sisters are trying to escape this.

I encourage you to become one of them.

So what do you think? Am I on the money here when I tell you you’re being dominant, and would you like to leave that behind, and develop an attractive true independence instead?

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