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You’re Just Wasting Your Time Looking For “The One”

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Okay I admit it.

Being into Romantic Friendships?

It’s a bit of a hard sell in today’s world sometimes.

Not as hard as it used to be though.

People are starting to figure things out.

But in my “dating” life over the past few years I’ve encountered a whole lot of girls who were special. Many of them I’ve expressed desire to connect with and they didn’t take me up on my offer.

Not because they didn’t find me attractive.

One girl literally had to get “off the emotional roller coaster” as she put it.

Why is that?

Because she could see I’m a guy who could really connect with her.

So why wouldn’t she choose to love me then?

Because of the way I come “packaged.”

Most of the girls I’ve offered to explore a connection with are still waiting for “the one.” You know? That person who is “not like the rest” who will “love you the rest of your life?”

Of course as all the statistics show?

That guy is non-existent.

So while you spend your time waiting for him?

The clock. Keeps. Ticking.

You’re letting love you could have right NOW pass you by.

All because you’re waiting for a fantasy.

Another girl I met up with told me, “Romantic Friendships don’t fit with my values.” I saw her again recently and she admitted she “still hasn’t met that person yet.”

Of course I always flinch when I hear this.

Because I know it’s just a dream she’s pursuing.

And even when that guy finally shows?

He’s a sell job in nature’s plan anyway.

Both these girls could have had love in their lives for the past few years now if they had just opened up to me. Instead they have settled for no one at all so they could “keep themselves” for someone who might never come.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying you NEED a relationship.

But why wouldn’t you want one if you could have one?

Even if you find someone else eventually?

Why not enjoy love right now while you go ahead and look for him?

You could still be enjoying love in your life while you’re waiting for “the one” to appear for you. All you need is a polyamorous guy like me who is alright with you still searching for him.

Of course if you leave?

That will definitely hurt me.

But since I have other girls in my life as well?

That will also soften the blow.

In the meantime we could be experiencing love together.

Don’t waste your time keeping yourself for “the one” when “the one” may actually never come to you.

Instead enjoy love in the here and now.

Love that is yours for the taking.

Why wait for a fantasy?

When you can be enjoying the real thing?

So what do you say girls? Is it really worthwhile to keep passing on love that is right in front of you while you wait and wait and wait for a fantasy that never arrives?

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