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You’re Just Wasting Your Time Looking For “The One” (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series You’re Just Wasting Your Time Looking For “The One”

She was a gorgeous girl.

We were really connecting.

One of those fast and furious loves.

You know the kind!

I told her that I didn’t know why but I found her hugely attractive. She told me she was glad I let her know and continued to spend loads of time with me.

One thing led to another.

We kissed.

We made out.

Before too long she said it.

“If I keep hanging out you I’m going to sleep with you for sure.”

Kind of sounded like a good idea to me but apparently that was a problem? Why when you are truly connecting with someone would you have any trouble with that?


Here’s the thing.

What she wanted was monogamy.

She was waiting for ‘the one” to come along.

That was several years ago now.

She is still waiting.

And the clock is still ticking.

Ah girls!

I’ve had this experience with a lot of you girls with whom I’ve sought a connection. You have love staring you in the face but then you hesitate anyway.


Because if you are with me?

That will take you off the market.

You might miss him when he appears.

You would never forgive yourself for that!

Rather than enjoy a love that is here you opt to wait for a maybe. I talk with you months or years later and you’re still waiting for this guy who never shows.

When will you come to grips with it?

A “bird in the hand?”

You know the saying!

“The one” is just a fantasy.

Love that’s here and now?

It’s the ONLY love that’s real.

What do you say? Is it finally time to recognize that you’re not getting any younger and let yourself enjoy real love instead of waiting for a dream?

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