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You’re A Big Girl Now And You Don’t Need To Prove It (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series You're A Big Girl Now And You Don't Need To Prove It

Well that last one might have surprised you.

Was it written by an impostor?

Aren’t I always chiding you girls?

Telling you to quit being so silly about the things you do?

If that’s the case then how can I turn around and be so encouraging? How can I tell you that you shouldn’t care what anybody thinks about you including ME?

And aren’t I the guy who’s always telling you?

In your love life you’re chasing FANTASY?

Instead of saying to believe in the love you desire?

I keep telling you to give up on your dream constantly!

To understand how what I said last time is consistent with what I always tell you? You need to understanding something else I told you last time also.

What else did I say then?

That I never accomplish ANYTHING.

If that is truly the case?

How could I keep believing in myself anyway?

The reason I can do this is because I’m a realist not a dreamer. When I say I believe I can accomplish anything what I mean is anything that is POSSIBLE to achieve.

One thing I never do though?

Carry on exercises in futility.

If a really good attempt fails again and again?

I let it go and try other things.

What I was encouraging you to develop last time is a healthy secure independence. When you do so you’ll also develop a healthy respect for your own aptitudes and for REALITY.

When it comes to your monogamous dreams?

Reality has spoken.

When you say you’ll be the exception to the rule?

You’re being unrealistic about your own aptitudes.

In your love life believing in yourself means believing in a love that is possible. It doesn’t mean you should keep carrying on a romantic exercise in futility.

Romantic Friendships take reality into account.

That’s why they make the best sense for your love life.

You absolutely CAN enjoy romantic love.

But you need to do so consistent with what we see actually happens.

What do you say? When it comes to your love life does believing in yourself mean you can sidestep what we know about monogamy or does it just mean you can enjoy romantic love in a way that is consistent with reality?

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