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Your Problem Is You Suffer From Red Green Color Blindness

As I watch you girls what I always think?

You suffer from Red Green color blindness.

No matter how hard you try to choose right?

You keep ending up with emotionally unavailable guys anyway.

Of course the guys I know also say they keep ending up with emotional crazies. “Where are all the stable girls who can just relax and really love you?”

What you both are suffering from?

It’s your natural attraction addictions.

You girls want to be “swept off your feet.”

You guys want a hot girl to have sex with.

In the relationship space, what you would be advised to do here? It’s to recognize RED FLAGS when you see them. Once you do, you need to run – not walk – the other way.

The problem though?

You run right over to another problem.

In seeking to avoid one red flag?

You embrace the next one immediately when you see it.

A relationship coach friend of mine puts this all into perspective: ““In a room of a thousand people who want to love us, we find the one who isn’t sure.”

Though his point is well put?

I disagree with him on the percentages.

The number of emotionally healthy people in that room?

It is at best just a handful.

I often say we live in the land of the “walking wounded.” The percentage of people who are really capable of loving you in a truly secure way is probably 5%.


What that means?

Red flag identification isn’t your problem.

The real challenge you face?

How do you identify those very rare green flags when you encounter them?

The problem is even worse though, because it is not just their rareness that fuels this conundrum. Because you suffer from Red Green color blindness, you don’t even SEE them as green.

You have to come to desire them.


Those people you currently don’t find attractive.

You have to come to truly SEE differently.

That’s when love will finally work for you.

How about you? Do you agree with me you suffer from Red Green color blindness, and if you do are you ready now to change it finally?

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