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Your Job Is To Endlessly Entertain Her

Romantic love is predicated on positive feelings.

The more she experiences them?

In your presence?

The more she associates them with you.

This is why with Romantic Friendships I encourage your connection to be your focus. The more you do emotionally positive things together the more you will be in love with each other.

That’s the good news.

What’s the bad news?

The opposite also happens.

The more she experiences negative when you’re there?

The less you will have her heart.

In case you haven’t recognized by now a girl lives primarily in her emotions. How she feels at any given point in time is how the world IS to her.


Feelings are fickle things.

They are constantly changing.

This is actually a requirement to her.

She doesn’t want anything to remain the same for long.

I wrote a while back how you should avoid girls who get easily bored. What I’m telling you now is exactly why you want to heed that guidance.

As a guy?

You thrive on consistency.


A few of you are change freaks.

But usually you want a steady thing.

Contentment is it for you.

What are you to do then when the two of you are so different in this way? There are two options you can try here but neither of them is easy.


You can take it on as your job.

Commit to be endlessly entertaining her.

If you do this what you have to keep in mind?

This is a job that never ends.

Don’t want that?

Then you have to wait.

Believe it or not?

A few girls out there are actually chill.

If you can find a girl who is game to relax so that it is actually YOU she is desiring? Then you’ll find connecting on an ongoing basis becomes really easy and really nice. It’s not hard to just keep being yourself is it?


I opt for the second option.

I’m not interested in being a social convener

I want a girl who just wants me for ME.

That’s the kind of girl who to me is a keeper!

What do you think? Is the problem that you can’t keep the action up or do you just need to find a girl for whom YOU are the action?

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