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Your Intuitions About Love Are Completely Wrong

What I hear a lot of you girls say?

It is important not to ignore your “No.”

By this you mean you should listen to your body.

Pay attention when your intuition is warning you.

But what a lot of you unfortunately don’t realize yet, is that it is just as important to ignore your “Yes.” When your intution tells you this guy is definitely Mr Right? It will be wrong in the 80 percentages.

How do I know this?

Because I’m a smart guy!

Instead of listening to intuition about love?

I choose to listen to the actual evidence.

As an INTJ I’m a very intuitive guy myself, and my intuition is right about a lot of things…but not everything. And no matter what my “gut” is telling me, I always seek to back it up with facts, and I always listen when the facts contradict it.

And when it comes to finding Mr Right?

The evidence is all against you.

You are NOT going to be happy if you “listen to your heart.”

On this one, your heart is going to deceive you.

But of course as usual right now your intuition is telling you I’m wrong, because you “know in your heart” you will find him if you just keep looking.

No matter how many failed relationships you’ve had?

You just “know” the next one will be different.

Not like the last one, and the last one before that.

Nor all the other “last ones” you’ve experienced.

The reason your intuition can’t help you with this one, is because the deck is stacked completely against you. It’s not about finding the right person at all. It is all about how you structure your love life.

If you’re like most people?

You want to blend your lives.

Find someone who will live with you.

“Build a life together.”

Because you insist on doing this you are just setting yourself up, since living with another person with all the compromise it entails, always ends up a disaster.

But enjoy Romantic Friendships?

Keep your independence intact?

Then you will enjoy love without the baggage.

That’s when your “Yes” will finally make sense .

Until then you should definitely ignore it!

How about you? Are you ready now to start distrusting your “Yes” and make sure your intuition matches the evidence, or will you keep believing in spite of it all that Mr Right is just around the corner?

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