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You’ll Know It’s Time To Quit Loving Your Partner When

How do you know when it’s time to discard your love?

To leave a lover you have in your life?

When is it appropriate to walk away?

To quit loving your partner for good?

You’ll know it’s time to leave them and go your separate ways, when something else is more important to you than love.

What is more important than love?

Now there’s a very good question.

One that should be hard to answer.

But tell me really is it?

Because to watch your actions?

It really seems almost ANYTHING else is more important.

Paul Simon sang about 50 ways to leave your lover but you seem to have found even more creative ways than him.

You leave your lover because they’re too old.

Too young.

Too fat.

Too blue.

You leave them because they won’t commit.

Move in.

Have kids with you.

If they won’t close off their heart?

You leave them since they won’t be exclusive.

If your lover won’t comply with what society says, so people are pleased with you? Then they have to go as well.

You can’t stop caring what people think.

You must comply with society.

Your love must die.

It is all important that you fit in.

And what if your lover might leave you? Or find someone else or go some place elsewhere?

Well that will never do.

Before they go away first?

You should protect yourself!

Be sure you leave them before they leave you.

And let’s not forget if you find someone new who you have an interest it, then your current lover is old news as well.

Because everybody knows it.

You can’t love more than one person.

Just ask all your friends.

You love ALL of them.

So you know they’ll be honest with you!

I have to admit I don’t really understand how a person who loves someone can ever walk away from that love.

Love is what I came here for.

Didn’t you?

Isn’t love what gives you meaning?

Makes you get up every day?

Makes you want to be alive?

So really then when you realize all this, the time to quit loving your partner is so easy to understand, isn’t it?

Do it when life is no longer worthwhile.

When you can’t go on at all.

When loving your partner becomes unbearable.

When it’s no longer something you can do.

When is that?

I don’t know.

That’s why I never say no to love.

As long as my love will LET me. I’ll be here loving her still.

And isn’t that the real point?

It’s NEVER time to quit loving your partner.

As long as your lover will let you?

It’s time to keep on loving them.

What do you think? Have you been listening to everything and everyone else but what your heart is truly telling you?

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