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You’ll Get My Full Attention Too!

Online dating is such a comedy act.

Sometimes I do it just for the laughs it brings.

Some people really don’t get this relationship seeking thing.

That the way to attract someone is to tell them something that will make them be attracted to you.

Case in point.

A while back I published a blog post where a girl was offering guys the honor of being 2nd place in her life.

Right behind her kid!

Good grief!

Still wonder what her resume list looked like.

Unlike real job applications submissions today?

I suspect the pile wasn’t too thick.

Well today I saw another one of these.

I just had to share it with you.

This time the girl in question was what one of my buddies calls a “Van City girl.”

You know the type.

So busy it is completely incomprehensible she actually has time to date?

Let alone have a relationship!

She insists she’s only busy because there is no guy in her life.

When she meets him this will all change.

She can definitely “make room” for the “right guy.”

Yeah right!

And I have a long term monogamous relationship that ends up happy that I’ll be more than pleased to sell you!

Listen guys.

If you encounter one of these girls?


Don’t walk.


This goes for you girls as well if you meet a busy guy.

These people do NOT have time for you.

If a person is addicted to filling his or her life with activities like kayaking, palates, and traversing the nearest mountain…it’s definitely not gonna change for you.

It’s not you it’s them.

You can be the most perfect  “catch” on the planet.

They just simply aren’t.

This kind of person NEEDS to be busy.

They thrive on it day and night.

The problem with this type of person though, is they are totally delusional about their own true state.

They are completely convinced they can clear their schedule.

That they’ve totally got time for you.

This latest girl made her colors all too clear.

She really has no clue.

Her profile reads, “I have one child who is very precious to me. I work full time and also trying to live my life to the fullest. I know it’s a busy schedule, but if we click, I will make sure you will get my full attention too :).”


Did I miss the meeting where they changed definitions?

Made full into something much less?

I have a kid, a full time job, and I’m endlessly busy doing everything else.

Despite all of this?

I’ll give YOU my FULL attention.


I’ll give you my full attention TOO.

[Insert head smack here]

Listen girls.

If you want a guy to take you seriously, get your priorities straight. Romantic love needs to be your purpose, not just an after thought.

Not something you “just fit in.”

This is part of why those long term monogamous relationships I’m trying to sell really don’t exist.

Because nobody takes them seriously anymore.

But I do have a relationship offer for you busy girls.

It’s called dating a polyamorous guy.

He’s the ONLY type of guy who will put up with this stuff.

Because he has other girls he can enjoy his time with.

The time you’re spending doing everything else.

What do you think guys? Is it time to recognize these “Van City girl” types for what they truly are and go pleasantly on your way?

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