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“You Win”

She said this as we began to talk.

What were we discussing?

Our latest breakup.

I guess I should say her latest breakup.

I don’t break up with anyone.

But for this sweetheart of mine it had become an annual tradition. For the third year in a row now she had just returned to me again.

The first time it happened?

It was 6 weeks of radio silence.

The second time was shorter.


I reached out to her first.

You may disagree with this but it is not my policy to chase anyone. If a partner wants to break things off I see that as her right and I let her go.

The second time she knew this though.

So I reached out to confirm I still loved her.

To her I just looked needy then.

Girls are complicated yes?

So here she was after 7 weeks now of my respecting her third departure. I guess she saw it as a competition of who would “give in” first.

But it really wasn’t like that at all.

She never really left apparently.

She said she thought about me all the time.

Finally had to see me again.

We are now in her fourth breakup but this one is a doozy. It came after only 6 months in a year of her own personal hell.

A change in her personal situation?

It totally messed up her emotions.

Almost monthly irrational scenes.

After three straight years of nothing at all.

I haven’t counted officially but it has been well over 12 weeks she’s been gone this time. As always not precipitated by anything clear but it looks like she might just make good.

Which makes me really sad.

Because I really do love her.

My door is open as always.

But if she no longer wants me?

I hope she does what’s best for her.

How about you? Could you love your partner enough to let them go if they decide to leave you and understand you can only have true love when you hold it with an open hand?

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