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You Should Steer Clear When She Is PMSing

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I know there is no point in telling you girls not to read this one.

You’ll just want to read it all the more.

At least consider yourself forewarned here.

If you don’t usually like what I say?

This one will definitely not endear me to you.

But I want to talk to you guys today because I know every one of you face this. One week a month the wonderful girl you love is abducted and replaced by aliens.

No matter how sweet she usually is?

This week you cannot win with her.

Not only that?

If you try to fix things?

They only get worse!

No my dear friend this is not something you fix. It is something you do your best to steer clear of. As Cool Girl has said to me in the past, she thinks during this week every girl should take an extended vacation and just hide out.

But let’s assume she has not done so.

She’s here.

You’re here.

What do you do about it?

That depends whether you’ve taken my advice.

Are you living with her or not?

As you know I don’t recommend living with your partner and this is just one more reason not to do so. When a girl gets into that tough time of the month it is much better if you are nowhere in sight.

Just don’t see her.

Don’t give her a call.

Don’t even try to message her.

If she comes at you?

Gives you drama?

Pull away until she knows how to be civil again.

Yes you heard me right and no this is not the advice of an avoidant. It has nothing to do with escaping intimacy but everything to do with protecting it.

I’m sorry girls.

You’re still listening in?

Truth is at this time of month you are completely irrational.

There is no reasoning with you at all.

There is no way a guy can do anything to please you.

Like Cool Girl said?

You should willingly hide yourself away until the storm is gone.

I know you will not like your guy following this advice DURING the time you’re PMSing. But once your head clears and you’re sane again? You will be happy he did what I told him to.


Because romantic love is based on positive emotions.

It is nurtured through feelings of affection.

There is nothing positive to be gleaned during your time.

Accept this.

Knuckle down and weather your “blessing.”

What do you think? Am I being avoidant and cruel or am I once again just showing you how to apply logic to your love life?

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