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You Should Steer Clear When She Is PMSing (Part 4)

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series You Should Steer Clear When She Is PMSing

So far all the feedback from you girls?

It has been primarily negative.

I keep hoping a few of you will chime in to approve.

Looks like I better not hold my breath eh?

I’m okay with that, because I’m not here to win a popularity contest. I’m here to give you that tough advice that’s going to protect your love.

Even so, I will admit?

I may have created the wrong impression.

By telling you guys to steer clear of her like this?

I’m not saying don’t support her at all.

Though the focus of your love life should definitely be the positives, everybody has their ups and downs also. It is important to be there for your partner when it’s their turn.

Maybe your boss is hard on you.

Maybe her puppy is ill.

There are a hundred different ways things can happen.

Life likes to kick you when you’re down.

If your girl is upset because something difficult is happening, absolutely be there to care for her. Be that strong supporting guy whose shoulder she can cry on if she wants to.

But don’t confuse this with her TIME.

Being emotional is not being IRRATIONAL.

Trust me.

Once you’ve experienced both?

You’ll definitely understand the difference.

When she’s PMSing, it doesn’t matter at all what you do to try to comfort her. Once she’s triggered and starts “feeling the feels,” they will be projected onto you.

That is drama.

It’s not about experiencing emotional challenges.

Yes, sometimes drama happens at other times.

Anytime drama is happening though?

It’s time to say goodbye for now!

Whenever either of you become emotionally triggered? The best thing you can do is get way from each other. Give the storm time to blow over, and connect again when it has passed.

Like I emphasized again in Part 2?

This is about protecting your love.

It’s not about neglecting it.

I’m sorry girls that Nature blesses you each month.

But you KNOW that it does, don’t you?

What do you say? Can you see the difference between isolating yourselves from triggered emotions, and being there to emotionally support each other?

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