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You Should Steer Clear When She Is PMSing (Part 3)

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Well I’ve definitely hit a nerve with this one.

Yes I’ve heard from another of my female readers.

What I wrote originally is not only “offensive?”

It’s “terrible advice from one avoidant to another” apparently as well.

“What you’ve said here is to keep boys safe instead of building understanding, compassion and empathy. Calling a woman insane when she’s menstrating? That’s horrible.”


Always with the “boys” thing.

And apparently if we boys don’t learn to “work with” you girls?

We don’t “deserve to be in a ‘loving friendship'” with you either.

While I don’t believe anybody “deserves” to be in a romantic friendship with anyone, it is precisely because I do “understand,” and have, “compassion and empathy” that I’m making this recommendation.

I know you believe your guy should “be there” for you.

Especially at this time of your greatest “need.”

How could I possibly suggest the opposite?

Because I understand how emotions and love work.

As I told you before romantic love is created by the accumulation of positive emotional experiences. The more you experience negative while in the presence of your partner? The more you come to associate that negative with them.

This has to do with that “lizard brain” of yours.

It all happens completely subconsciously.

I’m telling you this for the same reason I tell you to live on your own.

To pass on monogamy.


Because each of these deteriorates your love eventually.

She continues, “Yes, us women need to work on how we show up during our menstration time. In every relationship there’s two people who are responsible.”

Nobody is “responsible” for what nature does to you.

But it is up to YOU to be smarter.

Most guys are horny not just one week a month.

They crave sex with every girl they see 24/7.

Should I tell them its okay to “have at er” then?

Is them keeping it in their pants YOUR problem as well?

My advice on this one is not because I think guys should “run away and hide” since they’re “scared” of you. My advice is because being together while you’re in this state makes a positively negative contribution to your love.

By all means disagree with me.

That’s the beauty of living in a (so far?) free country.

But what you’re not free to do unfortunately?

Avoid the inevitable consequences of your actions if you do.

What do you say? Is what I am recommending here really just the whimpering of a “scared little boy” trying to avoid growing up so he “deserves” you or is it the advice of somebody who has actually thought this thing through and is genuinely trying to help you protect your love?

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