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You Should Steer Clear When She Is PMSing (Part 2)

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Well just as I predicted?

The girls couldn’t resist listening in on that last one.

And true to form one of my female Facebook friends?

She chimed in accusing me of being avoidant for what I was telling you.

In fairness of course another of my female Facebook friends also gave that post a laugh emoji. Given what I know about both these girls their replies didn’t really surprise me.

The laugh emoji girl?

She is another cool girl who sees things the way I do.

The other girl not so much.

But I definitely appreciate her perspective too!

“Nothing like being avoided because of Mother Nature’s creative process,” she responded. Of course I actually recommended you GIRLS do a little bit of avoiding of your partner too.

And as I emphasized right away?

This has nothing to do with being emotionally avoidant or disconnective.

It has to do with preserving your love.

Treating your connection as a PRECIOUS thing.

I’m grateful though that my naysayer did offer an alternative approach for your consideration. It suggests as a guy you should work a little harder to respect and “honor” your girl for what she’s going through.

That one’s great in theory of course.

If you’ve ignored my advice and decided to live with her?

You’ll definitely need to give that your best shot.

But I’m still not betting on the long run for the two of you!

As I’ve told you honestly before there is one way you can definitely say my approach to romantic love IS avoidant. I recommend you avoid absolutely everything you can that causes love to fail.

You don’t need to “put up” with things.

Your emotional “needs” are not your partner’s problem.

Romantic love is about sexual fulfillment and emotional connection.


But by all means don’t let me interrupt if you insist on subjecting your love to a whole lot of emotional cross noise anyway. Just know that you have within your power a genuine alternative.

When it comes to Mother Nature’s creativity?

She is VERY busy trying to mess up your love life.

If you insist on following Nature’s designs anyway?

You’re going to get what you get unfortunately.

So what do you think? Am I really just being disrespectful and inconsiderate by telling you to steer clear of each other on this one or am I trying to apply a little practial reasoning here?

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