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You Should Really Give Dishonest Guys A Chance! (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series You Should Really Give Dishonest Guys A Chance!

I just reviewed Part 1 again.

It struck me a different way this time.

I noticed a pattern in it.

One you girls do ALL the time.

By way of quick review, I had booked a business meeting with a cutie. Though I was sincere in my interest in potential business with her, after the fact I messaged her too.

I told her I thought she was really sweet.

That I’d love to explore a connection.

She got all uptight.

Thought I had failed to be honest with her.

As I reviewed that blog post now, I found myself laughing quite hilariously. Here was a girl telling me it was dishonest to communicate INDIRECTLY with her.

Think about that now.

Isn’t that the way you girls communicate all the time?

You’re never up front about what you mean.

You expect guys to read your mind constantly.

So it got me thinking, does that mean us guys should consider you dishonest then? Every time you fail to say what you really mean, should we get all uptight at you?

Of course we’ll never do that.

As guys we’ve learned that’s just your thing.

Because you can’t face the tough conversations?

You do everything you can to avoid.

So what if a guy appoaches you, but he also does so indirectly? Isn’t he just doing the exact same thing you do to him?

If that’s the case?

Why get so upset with him?

Since he’s talking the language you know so well?

Why not just adapt yourself accordingly?

The truth is, not every guy worth getting to know for a relationship is an “alpha” type. Some of these timid guys who don’t “show their intentions” up front, could still be very good for you.

So the next time a guy does this?

Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Open yourself up to something good.

It might just be “indirectly” signaling you!

What do you think girls? Is a guy a terrible liar just because he’s nervous and indirect with you, or could that actually be indicating a really good heart that will love you for you?

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