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You Really Can Have Your Happy Ending!

I read a lot of relationship advice.

After all, this is what I do.

Unlike a lot of coaches you meet?

As a consultant, I need to know what I’m talking about.

Coaches spend most of their time encouraging you to do your own naval gazing. They ask you questions to help you find your OWN answers.

Not me.

I’ll tell you exactly what I think.

Give you concrete steps.

Show you what you should be doing.

In order to do this, I need to be aware of what everybody is currently recommending. The more I know, the more I can adapt my recommendations to your exact situation.

But I have to admit?

I get tired sometimes.

Reading all the advice you’re given?

So much of it is completely unnecessary.

It’s only needed because of how you’re going about things.

As just one example, today I read a coach who was trying to help people struggling to find a partner. She says the problems people struggle with while doing this, are the same things people have in troubled relationships.

Why does she think you struggle?

Because you think relationships should be smooth sailing.

You work hard to keep the peace.

You ignore your “deal breakers.”

The must-haves you should be insisting on.

Like I said, I get so tired of all this, because none of this is about romantic connection. It’s all about making sure you can live with somebody. It all goes away if you live apart together.

This is why I recommend Romantic Friendships.

The sailing is definitely smoother.

Peace comes much more naturally as well.

Deal breakers?


Hard to have them, when you let go of all expectations.

While what I recommend goes against the grain of everything everyone is telling you? If you follow my advice, you’ll enjoy love without all the usual baggage everyone else is struggling with.

And isn’t it baggage that messes things up?

That’s right!

It is the stuff of horror stories!

But keep your independence?

Just enjoy love?

You really CAN have your happy ending!

What do you say? Are you as tired as I am of being told all the time, that love has to be anything but simple, and are you ready to just enjoy yourself, by opting for Romantic Friendships?

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