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You Just Don’t Get It

You just don’t get it…

You’ve been there for her over and over.

For months and months.

Whenever she’s needed a shoulder to cry on you’ve provided one.

A strong one.

The kind she always says she needs and wants in her life.

It is just in your instincts as a guy to help her. To comfort her. To be an ear for her. To come to her aid and save the day for her. You care. That’s what you’re guilty of.

You’re the Nice Guy.

Even when she rejects you over and over again.

Even when she continues to treat you like all you are to her is a friend.

And then goes and has sex with the other guys.

And gets all worked up over all those other guys.

The guys that let her down.

The guys who aren’t truly available.

You just don’t get it…

Nothing is more obvious to you than that she ought to be attracted to someone who actually cares about her. Not just somebody who stirs her little heart in superficial ways.

Not someone who leaves her confused with mixed messages

Who is never really emotionally available to her.

Yet that’s who she always goes for.

She just can’t see herself.

And then when he ends up being what he always ends up being?

Here she comes again looking to you to sooth her tears.

To be strong for her again.

“I need you” she says.

“You have no idea how much it means to me that you’re here.”

But you do know.

It means nothing.

And you know that loving her is always going to be painful. It’s always going to tear a chunk of your heart out but you do it anyway.

Because you care.

You actually do love her.

You know she does need you even if she doesn’t desire you.

You just don’t get it…

Then the guys who know how to get with the girls?

They tell you the problem is you.

You’re too weak.

Girls want confident guys.

You’re too nice.

Girls like jerks.


At least learn to act like a jerk so you can get her to want you.

Then you can come in after the fact with your real good intentions.

Then you can not treat her like all the jerks always have in the past.

Problem is as soon as you do that you know what will happen.

Start treating her good again and she’ll just lose attraction for you and start swooning over the other guys like she always has.

You wonder is there any winning this game?

Are there any girls who actually value a real guy?

Girls who can be attracted and fall in love with the real deal?

Even if he’s not Mr Alpha male?

Are there any real girls out there?

You just don’t get it…

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  1. Murr

    lol I get it now.

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