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You Had Sex With 37 Girls In One Summer…Really?

This is the stuff I have to deal with.

Guys who think this is something to brag about.

This one is from a newsletter I get.

From the Project Rockstar folks.

I get that these guys are trying to help really timid guys learn to approach girls and all. But the idea that “banging” 37 girls in one summer is a badge of honor is pretty pathetic right?

Why does the leader of PR think this is great?

Because “I went from skinny nerdy Asian.”

First, “I was scared to death to approach a girl.”

Then, “I hooked up with 37” of them.

As you should know by now, I’m all about self-improvement. Just like the Project Rock Star guys, I work with introverted guys like you to improve your love life.

But did you notice that word “love” in there?

That’s a word about real connection.

While I’m totally open to polyamory?

I’m pretty sure 37 girls would be a tad too much!

Which means of course, this guy is not talking about you really connecting. He’s just talking about getting notches on your belt.

Okay I get it.

Going from nerd to that is “something.”

My worry though?

What is is really getting you?

So you’ve been able to find 37 insecure girls, who will go to bed with you. I’ll consider you a real stud, when you’re able to win their hearts.

The sad thing is though?

How many of those girls really loved you?

While you were busy collecting your quota?

How many of their hearts did you genuinely break?

Listen guys, if you really want to be a stud, and show what you’re made of? Take your time getting to know a few girls, and keep it in your pants.

Show me you have the SELF-CONTROL.

Show me you don’t need to “go there.”

Then when the two of you finally do?

I’ll know you’ve really got something to celebrate then!

What do you think guys? Is the number of girls you can bang in a summertime, really the measurement of your manhood or is your ability to truly connect and love her, what shows that you are a stud?

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