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You Girls Are Only Interested In Sex!

You probably think I’ve lost my mind?

How could I say this about you?

Isn’t it the GUYS that can’t keep it in their pants?

And aren’t you always discouraged about this?

Over and over you girls are telling me how guys are completely emotionally unavailable. All they want is to have sex with you, and they won’t really give you their hearts!

But notice I wasn’t talking about the guys?

Yes I know that is THEIR problem.

But the bigger problem for you?

You don’t see you are only out for sex too!

“How can you say that Kel, when all I’m wanting is a guy to truly love me?” Really? If that’s the case, then why do you keep ignoring that Nice Guy next to you?

I can tell you exactly why.

Because it is not LOVE you are after.

What you want is a guy who “excites” you.

In other words?


The reason you don’t recognize you’re also only out for sex, is Nature has played a dirty trick on you. It has disguised your desire for sex. so to you it looks like what you desire is romantic love.

But romantic love is not about excitement.

It is about desiring a genuine emotional connection.

The way to develop a connection like this?

You do it by taking your time.

The less excited you are about a guy, the more likely you are to truly love him. Love is the fruit of coming to know who that guy you’re interested in really IS.

But that’s not what you want at all.

“Romantic love” is what you’re after.

Notice the quotes?

“Romantic love” is just camouflage for Nature’s plan.

As long as you’re looking for a guy to “sweep you off your feet,” you’re really only interested in sex darling. Don’t you dare kid yourself about this. You’re as bad as all those emotionally unavailable guys you’re always complaining about.

You need to stop trusting yourself on this.

You need to face your DNA and get smarter.

Romantic Friendships will help you do just that.

Message me to find out how!

What do you say girls? Are you going to continue looking at me with a straight face and claim it is love you’re after, or will you finally face yourself and admit you’re really only out for sex just like every other guy is?

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