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You Don’t Need To Worry About Other Girls

You girls are all so worried.

Worried about HER.

Although she takes many forms?

It doesn’t matter.

You’re concerned about every one.

The first form she takes is the manifestation of the porn girl. That slim, luscious girl with the knock out body, that you just know he gets off on.

Even worse?

It’s that flesh and blood hottie right beside you.

Every time he looks at her?

You know he wants her more than you.

Maybe that porn girl is a fantasy, but this girl is a flesh and blood bombshell. When you compare yourself to her, you know you just don’t have a chance.

You can’t read his mind of course.

But you don’t even have to.

You can just tell.

He wishes you weren’t here right now.

So he could really be with her.

Every girl I talk to in one way or another, expresses these same emotions. You feel like you’re just not good enough, and you never will be.

But I know a secret you don’t.

You’re completely mistaken.

You don’t realize what you’ve got.

That you have it over ALL the other girls.

You see, God gave you something absolutely no other girl in the world has besides you. Once you come to realize this, you’ll finally be free.

Free to be yourself.

Free to leave behind your stressing.

Free to enjoy his heart.

Free to just be FREE.

What you’ve got that no other girl has, is the PERSON you are and are becoming. You are so completely unique, that in the entire world there is only one you!

Once you see this?

I mean REALLY see this?

You can let him enjoy all the others.

Let him get off to porn.

Let him be with that other girl too.

Because you’ll know when he does?

It will just AMPLIFY how unique he finds you..

What do you think? Are you really so unworthy of his love compared to all those other girls, or are you so unique to him that the rest will never compare to you?

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