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You Don’t Need To Know Your Type

As you know I often work the girls over.

How they are constantly making lists.

Checking off boxes when they meet a guy.

Or even before they have met him online.

I tell the girls this counter productive activity is one you guys don’t do much. Even so, there is a similar mistake you guys make, that I want to address today.

Your mistake?

You think you need to figure out what your “type” is.

What sort of girl do you click with?

What type of girl could you be with in a relationship?

This is different than list making, because it doesn’t involved all the check boxes. Instead, you just assess the “vibe” of the girl you think would be good with you.

When do you start to make this mistake?

When you want a “serious” girlfriend.


Not someone who is serious all the time.

Someone good for more than just a temporary fling.

Because you expect this girl to be in your life somewhat indefinitely, you think you need to be really sure she is the type of girl who works for you.

But here again?

You’re still thinking traditionally.

You’re thinking “one and only.”

Like you can make “happily ever after” work.

What I’ve tried to show time and again, is that nobody is cut out for that EVER. You can try to make sure she’s a keeper all you want, but you’re still going to end up wrong!


Because everybody is just like you.

They have their plusses and their minuses.

Think you’ve found that miracle girl?

She’ll still go up in smoke!

You don’t need to know your type of girl at all, you just need to know your type of RELATIONSHIP. It’s how you approach being in a relationship with ANY girl that counts.

If she’s a girl?

You can be in a relationship with her.

You just need to be in a Romantic Friendship.

Keep things relaxed and connect where you do.

Then any girl can be your type.

What do you think? Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out your type, when you should just be open to the type of girl who is right in front of you, or are you going to keep insisting it’s really possible to find the perfect “one?”

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