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You Don’t Need A Mission For A Girl To Love You

This “mission” thing is so ubiquitous now?

It’s getting rather nauseating.

Every relationship coach for guys out there?

They tell you that you’ve GOT to have one.

A coach friend even asked the girls on his Facebook feed, which one they found more attractive. Given the choice between a guy dedicated to his purpose, or a guy with lots of “status” and things, guess which one almost all of them chose?

You’re thinking to yourself,

“Yep. There goes crazy Kel again!”

“He always disagrees with everybody!”

“When is this guy gonna learn?”

If that is your response, you really need to listen closer. Nothing those coaches or girls are saying, contradict what I’m telling you.

Did I say you don’t need a mission to be ATTRACTIVE to a girl?

That’s not what I said is it?

If you look again, what I actually said?

You don’t need a mission for a girl to LOVE you.

All having a mission does is show a girl you have lots of confidence. I told you a very long time ago, confidence is a central aspect of a girl’s attraction biology.

Since attraction isn’t love though?

Focusing on a mission is a waste of your resources.

What should you focus on with her instead?

Letting her get to actually KNOW you.

Of course, it matters that you’re confident, but there are a lot easier ways to accomplish that. Confidence isn’t about the external things you accomplish or achieve, it is all about how you inherently feel about yourself.

Even an aimless street bully attracts hot girls.

Does he do that because he “has a mission?”

Of course not!

Yet there he is attracting girls, without achieving anything!

So the next time somebody tells you that you need a mission for a girl to truly love you? Give them a chuckle and take them downtown. to see what those guys have going on.

What does it take to love and be loved?

It’s all about VALUE.

You value that girl for who she is.

She values you for you also.

What do you think guys? Do you really need to expend all that energy going out there to accomplish a “mission,” or do you just need to focus on being a great guy and then find a girl who will love you for your heart instead?

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