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You Don’t Need A Master Plan

Oh good.

Just what we need.

Another program to learn how to master being a REAL man.

Is it just me?

Or are these self-improvement programs multiplying faster than rabbits now?

Everywhere you look there is somebody new offering you the ultimate program to improve your life so you can really get things on track.

Take enough of these courses you learn one thing.

The main thing improved is the course owner’s bank balance.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying you won’t benefit at all.

I’m a guy who’s worked a lot on himself through the years.

But if there is one self-improvement tip I could offer you now? It’s to be less obsessed with self-improvement and actually live.

Life is short.

Don’t waste it.

It’s meant to be enjoyed while you are here.

Whether or not you believe in life after death?

You should be living the life you know you’ve got anyway.

The question though that you always face is what does it mean to really live it? As you look around doesn’t it always seem like everybody is just filling time?

For years and years I noticed that.

And it made me nihilistic.

If all you are doing is filling time why bother living at all?

Like everyone else though?

You won’t face this.

You’d rather just float along and ignore it.

If you’re a guy you pick a purpose that’s bigger than yourself. Some sort of MISSION you’re driving toward that inspires you.

That could be building a business.

Or solving world hunger.

Or just about anything.

That’s the point.

What it IS doesn’t matter as long as it keeps you busy.

As long as you define the value of your life with something almost impossible to reach, you’re just going to keep pushing toward it until you drop and not notice how pointless your life was while you were getting there.


My nihilism is showing again?


I’ll have to work on that!

But if having a MISSION isn’t it?

What SHOULD you do with your life anyway?

You girls often opt for raising a family and having kids and investing in your children instead of yourself. After all aren’t PEOPLE really the point of it all anyway?

This one sounds like it makes more sense.

Until you read the fine print.

This time you’re thinking YOU have no worth.

Once the kids leave the nest it leaves you devastated.

You’re trying to find your purpose in someone else because you don’t feel you’re worthy enough to put yourself ahead of them.

But don’t you see the problem?

If your human life is not worthwhile?

How can there be value in creating another?

For me the answer is romantic love.

The joy of experiencing and sharing mutual value with my partners.

How about you? Do you really think you need a master plan or is meaning found in experiencing and enjoying love together?

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