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You Don’t Need A Guy To Lead You

We had a nice get together.

I’d been seeking it for a couple months now.

But she is one of those “bounce of the walls” girls.

You know how it goes!

But the day had now arrived when she had finally agreed to see me. We had a pleasant chat over coffees and went for a walk after that.



But that’s because I don’t do “dating.”

I just try to get to know a girl and see where it goes.

Of course as always happens with me, we got talking about my relationship consulting. It is sort of inevitable the conversation will go there given what I do.

Naturally I shared a bit.

Primarily about my own relationship background.

How I moved to Vancouver a few years ago.

How I left a long term relationship when I did.

When the conversation shifted in her direction though, she got a bit uncomfortable. I wasn’t quite sure what was happening there, so I eased up and took it slow.

As we walked I got more specific.

Talked about relationship dynamics.

I told her I don’t feel any need to lead my partner.

I see any girl I’m with to be equal with me.

When I said this she agreed at first, but then she suddenly hesitated. She told me, “Yes that’s okay in general, but sometimes the guy needs to be ‘strong” for both of them.”

And there it was once again!

Her attraction addiction showing.

At some point you girls always cave.

Condition your personal happiness outside of you.

As long as you see yourself as somehow inadequate to the task of living? You are going to be giving away your soverignty, to whatever guy is with you.

Please don’t do that!

Maintain your independence!

You’ll regret it if you follow him.

You’ll be much happier if you just be your own person.

What do you say girls? Do you really need a guy to lead for your life to work out for you, or are you ready to realize that’s just your DNA trying to fool you?

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