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You Don’t Have To Fight For Your Relationship

Quite some time ago I wrote about this.

I questioned that love has to be so hard.

I asked you if this is really the case.

Do you just need to expect love to be a fight constantly?

That’s what the authors of the article Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Understands That Love Isn’t A Fantasy Land seem to believe anyway. They are telling you to pass on love, until you find someone willing to admit it will be difficult.

Of course since I’ve been married before?

I understand what they are saying.

If you’re going to live with someone any length of time?

You’re going to hit lots of rocky patches along the way.

But notice what I said just now was “If you’re going to live with someone any length of time.” I didn’t say, “If you are going to continue loving someone.”

Did you notice it?

The authors’ bait and switch?

Though they started out talking about love?

Pretty quick, they were talking about something ELSE entirely.

Something you simply don’t face with Romantic Friendships.

Of course a relationship with anyone means you will have your ups and downs, because of your different personalities. But other than that, everything else they talk about has to do with cohabiting.

Wading “through Life’s darkest, ugliest bits right alongside you?”

That can’t happen if your partner doesn’t live with you.

Yes you can support each other through your tough times.

But your problems remain your own.

There is never any requirement to sacrifice for your partner either. Again, you are welcome to give as much or as little as you want, but absolutely nothing is EXPECTED of you.

Is your partner feeling grumpy?

Give them space and go see a different partner.

“Hours or even days or months” to see clearly?

Sounds to me like it’s over between the two of you!

“The more you love someone, the more vulnerable you are to them. The harder you fall for someone, the more you empower them to make you miserable.”

Sounds like codependency to me.

Why are you letting them abuse you?

Instead of fighting for your relationship?

Opt for Romantic Friendships and skip it!

What do you think? Do you really have to fight if you want to enjoy a loving relationship, or are you just not doing it the way you should be doing it?

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