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You Don’t Have To Be Attractive To Find Love

I had a very fascinating experience last night.

An unexpected one.

I went on a date with a girl who I didn’t find particularly physically attractive.

Nor did her personality really stand out to me.

She was very unlike anyone I’ve dated before.

Very reserved.

Very plain.

She was not someone you would call up your buddies and say, “You won’t believe the girl I went out with last night!”

I normally like girls who are more expressive.

They can be introverted.

A recent romantic friend of mine was like that.

But she still expressed her love and affection for me in a very clear way.

She had a kind of “sparkiness” to her personality despite her introversion, right from the start.

This girl last night had very little emotional expression about her at all.

Of course I have to be fair.

She and I had only just met.

And she is a Slavic girl.

I’ve often found Slavic girls can have an air of aloofness until you get to know them. They tend to flower when they know they are truly loved.

Obviously this girl and I are miles away from anything like that just yet.

I also know she is an INTP in Myers-Briggs terms.

That makes her very analytical like me, so more of a thinker than a feeler.

But I started thinking (Ha!) about her this morning.

I realized the feeling (Ha again!) I really got from her is depth.

I felt like there was much more going on there than what I could see here from the surface.

I don’t often get that feeling from a girl.

I’m usually the one they are getting that feeling from.

Not because none of you girls are deep.

I tend to be lured in by girls who express clearer feeling instead.

That’s normal.

The whole “opposites attract” thing.

But “opposites attract” often makes you miss someone who could be really meaningful in your life.

This was almost surreal.

I found myself writing her off because she didn’t “do it” for me.

But this morning I’m doing a double take.

Wondering if I should be open to seeing her again.

To give myself the opportunity to experience her more for who she really is.

I’m not saying we would end up finding love together.

I have no idea about that just yet.

I suspect she’s a monogamy girl too, so my desire for Romantic Friendships might not work for her.

Still trying to decide if I’ll allow myself to be open to finding out.

But as you can see, you don’t have to be attractive to find love.

You just need to be who you are.

Allow people to encounter you.

That encounter could be the very thing that gets them intrigued.




Is it time you started letting people encounter you too?

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