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You Don’t Feel Loved Because He Isn’t Meeting Your Expectations

It seems guys disappoint a lot of you girls.

They just don’t love you the way you’re expecting.

It might be a failure to compliment your looks.

Because, “I got dressed up like this just for you!”

Another time it is because he didn’t buy you a gift to “show me you were thinking of me.” Reminds me of all the memes that show guys aren’t thinking about you most of the time!

It could be hoping he’ll “catch the hint.”

When you say, “I’m all on my own this evening.”

“Cool. I’m watching a movie right now.” he replies.


Not what you were expecting him to say.

One thing that discourages you girls is when your guy doesn’t even pursue you. He always waits for you to pursue him and doesn’t instigate the way you “expect” him to.

That of course is the ultimate taboo.

“I don’t want to always be inviting myself over!”

But then before he can even make the suggestion?

You’ve already invited yourself over again!

What I find with so many of you girls is you set yourselves up for disappointment. You fantacize how you expect things will be and feel let down when they don’t end up that way.

Why not just love him for who he IS?

Instead of expecting him to be something different.

Can’t you see all these expectations of yours?

They are robbing you from enjoying his love.

The question isn’t whether he buys you gifts or says or does anything else, but whether he gives HIMSELF to you. Does he spend time sharing and enjoying being with you, no matter what that time entails?

You might think I’m being unfair about this.

Isn’t what I’m suggesting for you also an expectation?

If he expects you not to have expectations of HIM?

Isn’t he also having THAT expectation of YOU?

I hope you can see how silly that is, because this really is fundamental. Your partner expecting you to love him for who he IS isn’t asking you to not be YOU.

When you value someone you value who they ARE.

You don’t value them because they meet your expectations.

If you only love him when he does that for you?

You aren’t really loving HIM at all.

What do you say? Is the reason you don’t feel loved because your partner is disappointing your expectations, or is the reason you don’t feel loved because you’re not receiving the love he actually gives?

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