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You Develop Confidence By Doing It Wrong

In my last blog post what did I tell you?

You don’t lack confidence in everything.

Everybody has some areas they are confident in.

You’re no exception to the rule.

Because of this I told you, you can totally draw on your past experiences. In a sense, you can borrow from the feelings of your past successes, until you feel confident in this new area as well.

Of course, my focus in that blog post?

It was all about meeting girls.

Something you guys struggle with, I know.

You’ve convinced yourself you always will.

But there is one thing about confidence, I will admit is very challenging. The only way you can have confidence is if you’re already good at what you do.

But isn’t that the problem?

How on earth do you get there?

If you have to already have the confidence?

Doesn’t that mean it is always going to evade you?

While this Catch 22 seems to be the whole story, it actually isn’t. There is a way you can sneak through and escape it. You do this by doing what you fear, until you’re no longer afraid of it.

Zig Ziglar once said?

Anything worth doing, is worth doing wrong.

You have to do it wrong a bunch of times.

Only then will you get good at it.

Of course, the fine print this cute little phrase of Zig’s doesn’t mention, is what you need to do each time you “blow it”. You don’t just go and do it the same way again. Instead you REFLECT on what you did, so you can learn from it.

So every time you give it a try?

Stop and evaluate what happened.

That way you can figure out what didn’t work.

Then make adjustments the next time.

This is how any skill is developed, and meeting girls is no exception. I can’t tell you the number of times what came out of my mouth was totally wrong. I still got better the more I reflected, and did things differently.

Of course what can really help?

Having somebody assist you with that evaluation.

Because I’ve done this so many times?

I can totally help you figure this out!

So contact me!

What do you think? Is the idea of developing confidence that you’ve got to get things perfect, or is it just a natural fact that you develop confidence after many times of doing it wrong first?

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