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You Can Never Get Enough Pornography

When it comes to the topic of porn?

It is hard to get an objective perspective.

Each one of us, one way or another?

We’ve been affected by it in our lives.

Especially with the advent of the Internet, the consumption of pornography has become rampant. There is hardly a kid 10 years old these days, who hasn’t been exposed to the stuff.

But is it harmful?

Should it be outlawed?

Just how should you feel about it?

If you let yourself succumb?

Is it going to ruin your life?

As you know. I myself was once a very obsessed, and out of control porn addict. At my “best” I was masturbating to the stuff 7 times a day!

But I overcame all that.

Does this make me an expert now?


Just a guy who has some experience.

But other guys who’ve experienced it too?

They often disagree with me.

Seems like it doesn’t even help to try to see what the experts are saying. According to one Psychology Today article, viewing porn is not going to corrupt your teens.

But other studies claim the contrary.

So who are you supposed to listen to?

Ultimately what you have to do?

Figure out what you think for yourself.

My approach to all of this is a bit different than anybody else I’ve encountered. I start with understanding healthy sexuality first, and then see how porn fits into that.

Abstinence and suppression?

That’s kind of like anorexia.

Telling you to just go for it though?

Now we’re talking gluttony or worse than it.

Everything in life it seems, has to do with achieving a healthy BALANCE. My question about porn with anyone I talk to about it is, do you control it or does it control you?


That’s the key.

When you have self-mastery, nothing fazes you.

You can enjoy porn for stimulation if you want.

And to experience female (or male) beauty.

What I want for myself and for you as well, is to have a healthy relationship with your sexuality. Once you have that, you can never get enough porn, because porn actually becomes irrelevant.

Still confused?

You’re not alone.

But I can help you sort out the subtleties.

You can have a happy sexual experience in life!

Reach out to me and let me show you!

What do you think? Is the issue really pornography itself, or is it a question of how you relate to your own sexuality?

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