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You Can Be Sexy And Still Be Comfortable

“Fashion is more important than comfort!”

I couldn’t believe it when she said it.

She said it because a friend of hers?

She couldn’t believe the way this friend was dressed.

Here she was in the still cool days of the beginnings of Vancouver springtime. Instead of dressing appropriately, she had a little nothing leopard print thing on.

I’ve noticed this pattern of yours.

Very soon after I moved to Vancovuer.

You girls are all about fashion here.


Don’t get me wrong.

I love it when you do yourselves up right!

I am a guy, and as I’ve told you, guys are all about your physical bodies. When it comes to attraction for us, you can’t go wrong, by showing us some flesh anytime!

Be that as it may however?

I’m not completely unrealistic.

If you’re dressing to impress, but freezing to death?

You’re taking your love of fashion too extremely!

Though I am a reformed fashion rebel myself, I never dress in a way that is uncomfortable. If a girl can’t love me inspite of what I wear? I’m already done with her.

You should be the same way.

No guy worth his salt is gonna care about it.

There are plenty of ways be totally comfy.

And still present the best you that you can, while doing so.

So the next time you’re going out on the town? Don’t be COMPLETELY crazy. Dress nice yes, but also dress in a way, that is practical for you.

There are plenty of ways to compliment your features.

Accentuate your curves.

Do up some wonderful eye candy.

How about a leopard pattern one piece, that reveals “just enough?”

That will have the same effect, as the skimpy little thing you’re freezing in!

What do you think? Are you going overboard with your obsession with fashion, and is it possibly time to start thinking about your comfort, and not just whether or not you’re looking hot for them?

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