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You Always Hear What You Want To Hear

I posted the above meme on Facebook a while back.

It was interesting to see the responses.

A few people liked it.

Some even loved it.

The people who reacted make up an interesting demographic. A few are monogamy people, some are okay with polyamory and some I just don’t know.

How did YOU react to it?

Did you like it?

Love it?

How come?

Where do you fall within this demographic?

I’m going to suggest that whether you prefer monogamy or polyamory? You still found yourself liking or loving this meme anyway.

Why is that?

Because what you always hear?

It’s want you WANT to hear.

This is what makes it difficult for me to help you.

Because you’re always getting in the way of me doing that.

To understand what I’m saying about your desires impeding your judgment, let me explore the meaning of this meme more and ask you some questions about that.

Of course it feels good.

Someone chose you!

They could have chosen someone else.

Instead they decided to be with you.

And not only did they choose you when they could have chosen someone else. They even did so when they were FREE to choose anyone.

Agree with me so far?

Think our understanding is the SAME?


Now let me tell you what I MEANT by this when I wrote it.

Once I’ve done that?

Let’s see if you still agree.

This meme is about polyamory and how when you are with a partner? You can know they truly love you because they are free RIGHT THEN to be with someone else if they want to.

If you’re married or monogamous?

Is your partner really free to be with anybody?

Haven’t they actually limited that option by agreeing to be with only you?

Then how do you know they love you now?

Couldn’t they with you just because they “have to” be?

If you are polyamorous though?

If they are with you then you can be SURE it is because of their own desire.

Since I know the vast majority of you are still in the grips of your biological and societal programming? It’s a pretty good bet to say what I just said isn’t what YOU heard when you read this meme.

And that right there?

It is a major reason your love life is going nowhere.

Because you only hear what you want to hear?

You can’t ever get anywhere else.

I actually have clients who regularly contact me to help them with this problem. They want me to think for them because they know if they think for themselves the answer will come out wrong.

They know their personal blindness.

They want me to help them past it.

The problem with this approach though?

I can’t always be there.

Eventually you need to finally use your OWN head and quit living in the fantasy of your emotions.

When you finally do that?

Quit hearing what they want you to hear?

You’ll finally step out of the Matrix.

See reality for the first time!

What about you? Are you really as objective as you think you are when you hear advice about what is best for your love life or is it time to finally wake up and understand what’s really going on?

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