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Yes Girls Everything Is About Sex

I was reading this recent Psychology Today article.

It talked about 15 things you girls want from the guys in your life.

As I read it I found myself in basic agreement.

Right until I reached Section 3 point 4.

It shows once again how competely clueless you are.

Here is what it says:

“As for sex, women ask that men don’t make everything about sex. Your good behavior should not be viewed simply as a means to a particular end. Good sex can’t be bought.”

Now of course I agree that good sex can’t be bought.

But who really wants sex like that anyway?

But to ask guys to not make everything about sex?

That’s completely unrealistic.


Because guys are potent sexual beings.

Sexual connection is how they connect.

Saying that guys should not make everything about sex, is like telling you girls not to make everything about emotional connection.

Not gonna happen right?

So why do you think it should happen the other way around?

Just because YOUR wiring is primarily emotional?

How does that justify denegrating a guy’s wiring for sex?

No. A guy should never expect you to give him sex as a favor, any more than you should expect emotional connection as just an act of kindness.

I can tell you though, that what a guy really wants?

It’s a girl who WANTS to be with him sexually.

When you’re not into connecting that way with him?

He feels unloved.

It would be like if he told you your feelings don’t matter.

They can wait.

It’s not all about emotional connection you know!

He’ll give you affection next month if he’s “in the mood.”

You may recall I’ve defined romantic love as the desire for sexual fulfillment and emotional connection that is mutually shared and enjoyed.

I didn’t say it is mostly about emotional connection.

With a little bit of sexual fulfillment on the side.

Sexual fulfillment and emotional connection are EQUALS in romantic love.

They should be balanced accordingly.

If either of these is de-emphasized?

Your romantic connection is gone.

If as a girl you have little desire to be sexually connective with your partner, you are not in love no matter what you say, because when you’re in love you desire to share yourself completely.

Sorry girls.

You’ve gotta get this one right.

It’s totally fine you desire emotional connection.

But sex is not “just one thing” in a relationship.

It is the total other thing, on a par with YOUR main desire.

Get this right or don’t be surprised when he seeks this somewhere else.

It’s not sex he desires.

It’s all of you.

Given to him.

Like he gives himself to you.

How about it girls? Are you hearing me that everything IS about sex, just like everything is about emotional connection?

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