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Yeah Sex Is Cool But…

A Facebook friend shared a meme.

It was so typical of the female perspective.

How sex is seen as not particulaly necessary.

Just something nice.

Definitely something you could do without.

It is hard to watch you girls, and see how little you care about the guys in your love life. You fixate on what matters most to you, and don’t care about what matters to THEM.

What did this meme contrast sex with?

Receiving emotional supoort from a like minded individual.

Someone who wants to be part of your growth.

Part of your personal development.

I’ve written a lot about how personal growth is definitely valuable. But romantic love isn’t about getting anywhere, or DOING anything.

And for a guy?

Sex isn’t just cool.

It is absolutely mission critical.

If you are not connecting sexually with your guy?

For him you’re not connecting at all.

Romantic love is the desire to experience sexual fulfillment AND emotional connection. If you really value your partner, you will want to make sure the two of you are experiencing both.

What you have to understand girls?

When a guy wakes up in the morning?

What’s on his mind is not emotional connection.

He wants to experience SEX.

Testosterone has built up over night, and creates a genuine urgent pressure. When he reaches over to take you in his arms, it is because you have become his desire.

Being a guy’s sexual desire?

This is not something incidental.

If he ceases to desire you that way?

Your relationship is through.

How would you feel if he said, “Emotional connection is cool but not essential,” every time you reached out to him? Wouldn’t you start to panic, and wonder what you were doing there?

For your guy, it is that way with sex.

When you won’t share, he starts wondering too.

So the next time you think, “Sex is cool but…”

Do a double take.

Sex isn’t just cool.

It is as important to him as emotional connection is to you.

What say you girls? Are you ready to realize that sexual fulfillment is just as important to your romantic relationship, as the emotional connection you want?

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