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Wow! What Would It Be Like To Get With That?

As you know around here?

I’m all about being smarter than your DNA.

You girls need to quit wanting to be swept off your feet.

You guys need to quit wanting to bed a porn star!

Of course you guys don’t really think about it that way. You see yourself as just wanting to get with a girl you find really attractive.

But if you take a minute?

Think with the head on your shoulders?

You’ll see what I’m saying is true.

To guage your response to hotties?

Try this experiment the next time you’re out.

The key is to walk somewhere you know you will experience very attractive girls. You don’t need a lot of them because just a few will do to verify what I’m telling you now.

Once you see her?

Check out your reaction.

Do you find yourself imagining GETTING with her?

Maybe like me you even find yourself saying,

“Wow! What would it be like to get with THAT!”

Yes I know you girls who are listening in are likely writhing in disgust right now. How could any human being think about another human being this way?

And I agree.

This whole dance is about reproduction.

It has nothing to do with loving you.

You guys need to catch on to this.

Callibrate and make some adjustments.

Whenever I hear myself refer to a girl as a “that” I immediately realize how crazy I’m sounding. Not because she isn’t a thing of course. Nature has made all of us sex objects after all.

But I also know?

She is so much more than just a sex object.

That’s why I don’t want to have sex with her.

Not until I really know her.

Not until she really knows me too.

And that right there guys is your very first step to getting smarter than your DNA. Taking the time to really get to know a girl before getting physical with her is job number one.

Job number two?

It’s the kind of girl you’re actually going for.

Wanting a girl just because you think she’s hot?

It really doesn’t make much sense.


Does it?

If you want a real relationship with a girl that is something more solid than “just sexual?” The way you accomplish this little task is you start looking for sweet girls instead of hot ones.

The next time you feel that feeling inside?

Like you’ve somehow got to get with “that one?”

Check yourself.

Realize it’s just your DNA.

Then slow down.

Scan the environment for the sweet ones.

What do you say guys? Is it time you start working on your relationship priorities and begin to resist nature’s reproductive tendencies?

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