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Why You Should Never Have Kids (Part 2)

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She was relieved when I said it.

Because she had definitely experienced the pressure.

“When are you going get married?” they asked.

“When are you going to get those kids on the way?”

We were connecting for the second time, having met each other at a meetup. She was an intelligent girl and we were connecting on a lot of levels.

I’m not sure how the subject came up.

I don’t think she explicitly mentioned it.

But when I told her what I told you in Part 1?

She breathed a sigh of relief.

As an article in Psychology Today called Why So Many Are Satisfied Being Childless by Choice indicates, this is a choice more and more of you girls are making. Just because you’re female doesn’t mean motherhood is for you.

And as this author points out?

Passing on parenthood isn’t the road to unhappiness.

Whether or not that will be the case?

That really depends on you.

Today being childless doesn’t mean you have to pass on being “healthy, educated, sexually active, and often coupled.” In fact, a 2015 study shows 7.4 percent of 15-44-year-old women were voluntarily childless” too.

No that’s not a high percent.

But it definitely is not inconsequential.

It shows that many of your sisters?

Primarily girls who are “independent” the author says.

They feel just like YOU do.

If what I’m talking about resonates with you, then you really should check out Romantic Friendships. They let you enjoy love but also still let you be you!

As I’ve told you before?

You should only have kids if you really desire them.

And if you go ahead with that plan?

You should also only have them with someone you’re not in love with.

Kids deserve parents who are both ALL in, and who will give them their primary attention. If you do this with someone you’re in love with now, you’re going to mess up your kids’ lives later when you fall out of love.

Kids deserve your full attention.

Enjoy your love life with someone outside that relationship.

That way as your kids grow up?

They get to grow up being with BOTH of you!

What do you say girls? Do you think that motherhood is the inevitable result of being female, or do you see yourself passing on that and just going for love instead?

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