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Why You Should Have A Polyamorous Girlfriend

I’ve talked a lot about this with you girls.

Why you should have a polyamorous boyfriend.

What I haven’t done as much just yet?

Shown why you guys should have a polyamorous girlfriend too.

Truth be told I find on the subject of being polyamorous yourself, you guys take much less convincing. Because nature has made you naturally sexually addicted it’s all you can do to keep it in your pants!

But I’m not talking about “just sex” here.

I’m talking about real relationships.

Why as a GUY should you want a girl who enjoys other guys?

Because you just don’t prioritize romantic love.

I’ve written a couple of pieces now about how the whole focus for you is having a MISSION. Everybody is telling you that girls should not be your priority.

As you know?

I beg to differ!

I think the whole mission thing is overrated.

You don’t need one for a girl to love you.

But just like the girls don’t listen to me, I know that you guys are not going to listen either. I was speaking to a friend just this week and he was completely set on what he wanted to “accomplish.”

The pity about this though?

He has a girl who is really into him.

Do you think she’s going to be okay with it?

When she realizes once a week is what it’s gonna be with him?

The reason that is not going to work for her is this girl really wants to be monogamous. She’s okay with the arrangement right now but eventually, “Where is this going?” is gonna come out of her.

When it does?

My friend is going to end up with NOBODY.

Though monogamy girls make wonderful romantic friends?

They become discontent eventually.

So if you’re a guy who is set on pursuing the dream of being entrepreneurial or something? You’re much better to find yourself a girl who is polyamorous herself.

Then although you only meet once per week (or less)?

That doesn’t limit her personal options.

While you’re off “conquering the world?”

She can be enjoying other lovers.

What do you think? Can you get past your biological programming and realize you don’t need her to be monogamous with you, and learn to enjoy Romantic Friendships with girls who enjoy the same thing too?

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