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Why You Should Have A Polyamorous Boyfriend (Part 6)

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Why You Should Have A Polyamorous Boyfriend

I wouldn’t have thought I’d be writing this one.

New information brings new thoughts always.

As I reflect on my experience with monogamy girls?

I realize it really does make sense.

I am more and more convinced the desire for monogamy is really just a basic emotional insecurity. You don’t believe you are truly loved unless you’re convinced your lover is only YOURS.

I have had relationships with two monogamy girls now.

One for a few months and the other a few years.

Both girls agreed to be with me.

Both knowing I’m polyamorous.

The first girl unknown to me never really could quite relax in it. She kept wondering to herself if there was someone else I wasn’t letting her know about.

Eventually she broke it off.

Found a guy who would “give her” monogamy.

That meant she had to break up with me.

“I guess I was fooling myself.” she said.

The second girl was also aware from the start that I’m polyamorous. In contrast to the first girl though she was totally fine with it.

Though we had a brief breakup at year one?

We reconnected and continued to enjoy each other.

But then a really bizzare occurrence triggered her.

It made her imagine me being with someone else.

With that realization her emotional abandonment wounds fired big time. Her historical “okayness” with my polyamory went out the window too.

I asked her why this never came up before.

She said, “I guess I just didn’t think about it.”

So here too she seemed to be “fooling herself.”

Thinking she could be with me.

Why would I share these two stories with you and still say you should have a polyamorous boyfriend? Because if doing so would trigger you it would actually be an opportunity for you to heal.

It will make you more emotionally secure.

Help you move to whole new level.

That’s what I wished for my partner then.

It is what I wish for you.

What do you think? Would you take a chance on a polyamorous guy if it meant that you too could heal your emotional abandonment wounds?

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