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Why You Don’t Need To Revitalize Your Sex Life

You may be thinking your relationship is in trouble because you don’t have sex anymore.

A lot of people think this way.

When you first got together you couldn’t get enough of each other.

Everytime you could, you were sneaking away for a “quickie.”

You couldn’t keep your hands off each other.

It was like some crazy drug had taken over your bodies and the only thing that would get that monkey off your backs, was to do it one more time together.

But now all that has changed.

You hardly look at each other.

By the end of the day you’re so tired, you can’t even imagine getting it up or getting it on.

But this worries you.

Aren’t couples who are truly in love supposed to be interested in having sex?

What’s wrong with your relationship?

And how do you bring the zig back into your zag?

If you’re a bit farther along this path you’ve probably passed the stages.

The sexy lingerie stage.

The sex toys, role playing, and kinkier kind of sex play.

Maybe you’ve even experimented with threesomes and bringing other people into the mix.

When you’ve tried all the ideas you can and you’re still not feeling inspired you finally give up.

You conclude that this must just be the way things go. Everybody eventually loses interest in each other and kicks into that sexless state known as “wedded bliss.”

Or “partnered bliss” at any rate.

If you’re a girl you don’t feel “sexy” anymore.

If you’re a guy she just doesn’t “do it” for you.

But still this bothers you.

You’re a couple and made a commitment to each other.

It just doesn’t seem right that you would have no sexual connection.

No desire for that at all.

So what’s the answer? The answer is you’ve been misled. You don’t need to revitalize your sex life at all.

What you’ve been chasing is the mating dance.

It is the dance nature created to get you two together so you’d have sex and get some babies on the way.

If nature gets its way, once you hit this stage of sexual disinterest, you’ll break up and start it all over again.

That’s why nature created “romantic love.”

So am I saying it is normal to settle into “partner bliss” and learn to do without sex?

Not quite.

What I’m suggesting here is that you open yourselves up to an evolution of your sexuality.

That you quit trying to “have sex” and begin to learn to make love together.

This is something altogether different.

And it doesn’t start in the bedroom.

It starts in your every day life.

In the way you perceive each other and interact together.

As one author says, “Sex begins in the kitchen.”

But really I’m not talking about sex at all.

I’m talking about love…real romantic love.

Real romantic love is valuing your partner for who he or she is and them valuing you in return.

It is not focusing on “getting it on” or “getting off.”

But on truly desiring to share yourself with your partner.

Because you love them.

You value them.

Romantic love is an emotional bond that naturally culminates in the desire for physical union.

Because the union is simply the logical highest step of the emotional connection you’ve built together.

So the real problem you’re experiencing is you’ve never learned to love.

You thought you were “in love” when you first began of course.

But that was just attraction.

Love is about attachment.

About truly BONDING with your partner on a deep emotional level.

When this bond is there you will be ready to make physical love anytime.


Because you are already making love in everything you do.

The desire to be physically united with your partner?

It is not a desire to have an orgasm.

It is a desire to feel your union on the deepest level possible.

Your relationship will simply feel incomplete without it.

Does what I’m describing sound like a fantasy?

Do you feel like you and your partner could never experience what I’m speaking of?

Don’t worry.

I work with people just like you to achieve this kind of bond.

You CAN have real romantic intimacy with your partner.

Don’t be satisfied with less.

Reach out to me today and I’ll help you find your way!

What do you say? Instead of trying and trying to revitalize your sex life, would you like to learn to make love instead?

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