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Why Won’t You See Me?

It is a well known fact that you girls want to be seen.

You want a guy who will come to truly know you.

Love you for who you really are.


Despite that fact this is also true.

You don’t really want to see a guy too.

You don’t want to really know him.

Most girls don’t get to see my romantic side. Not because it is not there but because it is hidden from sight in the privacy of my heart.

Girls think I’m aloof.

All cerebral and analytical.

How could I really have an affectionate bone in my body?

I listen quietly.

I observe when I’m in a group.

I don’t offer much input at the start.

But like most introverted guys there is a depth to my soul that very few of you girls take the time to really plumb to. Like I said you want to be seen. You don’t really want to SEE.

But there are hints of it present.

Playing at the surface.

If you really pay attention?

It shows up in subtle signs.

Like when I listen and listen as you pine over that guy.

When I walk with you and you wonder where HE is.

No this isn’t another “friend zone” gripe.

Or knight in shining armor syndrome.

This is something much much more than that.

I’m a person who doesn’t expect anything from you. I just desire you much more than you could know. It’s my style to patiently wait until you desire to see me too. I wait for you to invite me to come into your private world.

It shows up when you are stuck in a foreign city.

Wondering how to get that visa so you can go home.

And I’m there for you.

Because I’m not wanting you to be alone.

It’s there when all you want is “just friends.”

And even so I don’t unfriend you.

Even though you know I clearly want much more.

It’s there in the way I respond when you pull away.

Even though we are clearly connecting in a crazy way.

Girl after girl has received the quiet invitation of my presence and has been seen by me and really taken in. For whatever reason, few of them share my desire and want to truly come to see ME too.

But that’s okay.

Because I don’t love you to TAKE from you.

I love you because I love you.

That’s all.

I don’t know how to “approach” you any other way.

I just know how to BE with you and hope you notice.

Hope you will SEE me.

Hope you will LOVE me.

Hope you will desire to BE with me too.

And I definitely have experienced this kind of presence and love from girls who have taken the time to truly see me. This isn’t a whine spoken from neediness but a chance for you understand me and know me. 

Understand guys like me.

Guys you don’t see because they are the quiet ones.

The unbecoming ones.

The ones you misinterpret as not being confident.

But we quietly ARE.

We just don’t force ourselves on you.

We respect you too much for that.

Instead we quietly wait for you to see us.

Desire us.

Want us.

Like we are quietly, calmly desiring you.

Are you waking up? Is there someone in your life that you’ve been failing to notice while he has been quietly giving you his presence and truly seeing you?

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