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Why Sometimes It Sucks To Be Me (Part 3)

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This one happened many years ago now.

I ran across it while reviewing my journal.

It was such a classic situation for me though?

I decided to share it with you.

I was down in Vancouver’s West End on some business, when another of these situations happened. I was given the opportunity to make something wonderful develop, and instead I totally jammed out.

I went into TD Bank.

The one at the west end of Davie.

I needed to take some cash out.

I decided to ask a teller for that.

The teller who served me was a beautiful Asian girl with a really fabulous bottom! It must have been casual Friday, because she was wearing a very tight pair of jeans that really enhanced her figure.

When she went to the cash dispenser?

They were clinging to her quite nicely.

I couldn’t help drooling.

She was totally amazing!

When she was taking care of my transaction, I also noticed she had a unique set of nails and I commented. I told her she was a nail artist and her reaction was one of mild pleasure.

She said “Oh you noticed.”

“Guys don’t normally notice things like that.”

I said, “I do because I see it as an art form.”

Then I did something totally aweful.

Not only I did not ask her for her number, I did not even try to. Though I felt like I should and I felt like her comment made her ripe for me to try.

Though everything about her screamed I should?

Nonetheless I jammed on her.

I was so pissed off at myself.

But I just couldn’t bring myself to.

I spent the rest of the day very dissappointed in myself for being such a “loser.” I may not have gotten a number, but by not even asking, I guaranteed I wouldn’t!

I went to my appointment after that.

Had a pleasant visit with a potential customer.

But what I couldn’t stop thinking?

It sure sucks to be me the way I do this!

How about you guys? Would you have frozen when presented with such a beautiful, attractive possibility, or would you have simply pushed through your resistance and at least taken a shot at exploring this wonderful potential?

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