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Why Romantic Friendships Make The Most Sense (Part 3)

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As I’ve mentioned to you before?

I’m not into polyamory.

The reason I advocate for Romantic Friendships?

They are the most conducive to romantic love.

A recent video I viewed gives a nice summary of the field of polyamory. It lists 4 general types: Primary Partner + Others, Group, Egalitarian Network and Solo polyamory.

What I’m going to do today?

Review each of these 4 types briefly.

Show you why except for Romantic Friendships?

Each of the other types of polyamory fails the test.

By “fails the test” of course I mean that they fail to help romantic love flourish. Just like monogamy does? These other forms of polyamory suffer from some fatal flaws as well.

Primary Partner + Others polyamory?

It is very much like marriage.

You live together with the “main” person you love.

You just have additional relationships too.

This form of polyamory is very known to cause friction in all your relationships. Your “secondary” lovers easily begin to feel like second rate partners at best.

Group polyamory seeks to “fix” this.

You actually live with ALL your partners.

No one partnership is central.

Potentially each of you loves everyone else.

This still has you living together which as always gets really messy. Imagine the challenges of living with one person and then multiply that by 3 or 4 or 10!

With Egalitarian Network Polyamory?

You may or may not live with your partners.

Each relationship has different levels of “couple commitment.”

But the structure is similar to how it is with your “platonic” friends.

While this makes Egalitarian Network polyamory sound a lot like Romantic Friendships? It still includes elements like potentially living together and committing to each other that Romantic Friendships lack.

Romantic Friendships is a form of solo polamory.

Things like committing to each other or living together are absent.

While you remain single and independent of your romantic friends?

You share a wonderful romantic connection with each and every one!

This is why Romantic Friendships are best.

How about you? Can you see how each of these other forms of polyamory in one way or another are problematic and how for romantic love to truly thrive you should choose Romantic Friendships instead?

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