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Why Making Love Is So Difficult For Us Guys

How can I tell you the way to make love?

When every girl is different?

One girl wants to be held firmly so she can feel your strength.

Another girl wants to be softly caressed until every inch of her body vibrates with ecstasy.

Sometimes it is dim lighting and slow playing jazz.

Other times she is fine with the sound of the street noises in the background.

Every girl has her own special rhythm. And that rhythm changes with time. In fact it’s never ever the same way twice.

Which means every girl is many girls.

And you need to learn to make love to them all.

Sometimes she just wants to talk.

To have you listen to her tell you about her day.

Then she wants to go for a hike or take in a movie together.

And walk down a moonlit beach when you’re done.

She wants you to hold her hand.

Now to put her arm in yours.

She wants to be told that you love her. Then to have you say it with your silence, as you gaze into her eyes.

She wants you to show it by the everyday things you do to help ease her load.

Or to give her a silly something that’s worth nothing but your thoughts.

She may reach orgasm quickly.

Or she may not orgasm at all.

Which is why it is so important you understand. What she wants is to know you love her, however your time together goes.

Making love isn’t about “getting off” or not.

It’s about truy connecting with her.

In the deepest part of her soul.

Where your bodies and your hearts become one.

And there is only your love.

Nothing between you.

Not just within you.

But making you truly one.

Yep. Pretty esoteric stuff. But she wants all of that and more.

Which is why you find making love so difficult.

Because there’s so much for you to learn.

A lifetime of learning really.

How can I tell you the way to make love?

The fact is I really can’t.

But I can tell you this.

The way to make love is to make love.

Only through exploring what it means for her today will you come to understand.

Because making love?

It’s never the same way twice.

So you have to give yourself away to the experience.

Each and every time.

THAT is the way you make love.

So have I scared you guys off or have I inspired you to start learning to take the time to explore her every day?

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