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Why Love Is So Hard For You Girls

The amount of energy you girls apply to romance?

By now you should all be experts!

Instead what I hear from you over and over?

You just can’t seem to figure out how to make your love life work.

Why can’t you get a guy to “commit” to you?

Why is he always distant and pulling away?

I know it probably seems like a terrible thing to ask but does it ever occur to you that the problem could be YOU instead of him?

I don’t mean that guys are the ultimate lovers.

We have lots of problems too.

But a primary reason love doesn’t work for you?

You’re going about it completely the wrong way.

The reason you don’t recognize this?

You’re a girl and not a guy.

The wonderful thing about you girls is you are amazing emotional creatures. You live and breathe and spend your day feeling everything there is to feel.

That is your greatest strength in love.

But it is also your greatest weakness.

Why do I say this?

Because being this way hinders you.

Keeps you from applying logic to your love life when you should.

I know this is true because so many of you tell me you see the logic in everything I’m saying. But even though you see why I say what I do your response is always, “But I couldn’t live that way.”

Of course by “that way” you mean Romantic Friendships.

My recommendation you pass on monogamy.

You can see the statistics just like I do.

But you just “know” in your case it will be different.

You will find the love of your life.

You’ll live happily ever after after all.

Even though 80% or more people never achieve anything of the sort.

The reason you believe it will be different for you is that your FEELINGS tell you it will be. They also say you just couldn’t love in a manner that doesn’t pin your partner down.

This doesn’t surprise me.

Your biology wires you to find a provider to care for you.

Your primary biological imperative is babies.

It is NOT romantic love.

Biology sells you “romantic love” as a clever substitute.

Your natural addiction to get “swept off your feet” by a charmer.

Nature knows it can’t just sell you on sex.

So it uses your emotional weakness instead.

As guys because we are more logically oriented we can see what a complete con game this is. Which is why we tend quite naturally to avoid the “commitment” you’re wanting so much.

OUR problem is we’re too “out for sex.”

Avoiding monogamy translates into sleeping around.

The hard part for us is achieving sexual self-control.

Once we do though?

True love is definitely on our radar.

But what logic also tells us is that monogamy or marriage aren’t about love.

And when we look at the statistics?

Our logical minds say, “Nope. That monogamy thing ain’t workin.”

So naturally we’re going to go after love.

But do it in a way we see makes sense.

That’s why we opt for Romantic Friendships since they take all of the reasons love fails into account. Since love is what we both are really after of course we pursue it the logical way.

But not you girls.

Oh no!

“I just couldn’t approach my love life that way.”

“I can’t see myself loving more than one guy.”

“Lovers should be committed.”

“Relationships are about more than JUST love.”

So you get disappointed again and again.

What do you think girls? Can you see logically exactly what I’m telling you but emotionally you still can’t buy into the program?

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  1. David W

    But I am a CHARMER, you’re going to make it harder for me! Darn!

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