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Why It’s So Hard To Find Someone Real

I hear this from you introverted guys all the time.

“Why can’t I find a girl who’s real?”

“A girl who’ll love me for me.”

“And not for how ALPHA I am?”

If it’s any comfort guys there are girls out there who feel the same way YOU do.

“Why can’t I find a guy who’s real?”

“A guy who’ll love me for me.”

“And not for how HOT I am?”

You’re just having trouble finding each other.


Because you’re listening to all the dating and relationship advice being pitched at you all the time. You think that must be how the real world of romantic love actually works!

But all you have to do is listen to everyone.

Hear what everybody is saying.

Then you’ll know that none of it is true.

Everybody is finding it hard to meet up with someone real.

How can you expect anything else?

Especially when all they teach you is attraction tricks?

Attraction is NOT love. It is just a biochemical trigger response that occurs in your body. It is designed by nature to get you to hook up with someone and get some babies on the way.

Are you one of the people most suited to reproduce?

Then you’re going to discover that you’re a natural.

If you’re a girl you’ll be a HOTTIE.

If you’re a guy you’ll be all ALPHA too.

But none of this is about actually being real.

The problem is you’re just as shallow as the next person.

Both of you are really just looking for the next shiny object too.

If you’re a guy you want a hottie if you can land one.

If you’re a girl want to land a confident guy.

That is why you do not find anybody real. As a guy you’re not looking for real you’re looking for hottie. As a girl you’re not looking for real you’re looking for alpha all the time.


It’s a dirty trick.

This whole thing nature is playing you with.

But if you don’t figure this out?

If you don’t start looking for the real deal?

Nothing about this is going to change.

You need to stop listening to all that dating advice.

Do something else instead of it.

I’m now going to suggest to you a very specific strategy to break free from what nature is trying to do to you.

Are you ready?

Sitting down?

I’m not sure you’re going to like this.

If you’re a guy start noticing chubbier girls.

If you’re a girl start noticing guys who seem awkward.


I told you that you weren’t going to like it.

What you will find though is if you start looking around, there is a treasure trove of girls who aren’t being noticed. They wish they were noticed though and if you become the guy who does, you will have your pick of the crop completely.

And those timid Nice Guys?

They are a gold mine too.

They are kind hearted guys who will love you completely.



You’re not so sure about this advice.

You’re thinking maybe I’ve gone off the rails?

Well that reaction right there tells you a whole lot about yourself and why you can’t find anybody. YOU’RE not real  yourself. You’re looking for people who don’t exist.

As a guy you want the hottie who is also sweet and lovable.

You girls want the alpha guy who is kindhearted and warm.

You’re trying to square the circle.

Because you won’t face reality.

You have decisions to make in your love life.

Either you become real yourself?

Learn to desire real in its unexciting form?

Or you keep chasing unreal.

In the hopeless quest where you never find it.

What do you think? Are you ready to start being real so you can find someone who’s real who will really love you?

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