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Why Isn’t He Easy To Be With Like You?

This is a question I’ve heard more than once.

From girls who I’ve taken interest in.


My patterns naturally set me up.

I’m frequently subjected to the friend zone thing.


Because I insist on taking time to get to know you before I move toward being physical with you. This means it is very easy to end up becoming your “confidant.”

What does that role entail?

It involves many things naturally.

But the central pillar is supporting you in your failed relationships.

And silly me?

In true Nice Guy fashion?

I always think you’ll learn.

It never ceases to amaze me how you girls repeat this pattern over and over. You cannot bring yourself to be attracted to the guy who can actually make good on loving you.

Instead you fixate on that Bad Boy.

Worry why he won’t get together with you.

Another time you’re wondering.

Why isn’t he calling you now?

But you keep holding on.

Hoping he’ll change.

Of course he never does.

But that’s actually WHY you’re attracted to him.

Something in you see’s him as a challenge you need to overcome.

In the meantime I’m sitting there patiently listening to all your problems. You really love me because I’m there for you and you see me as the best of friends.

And honestly?

I really am.

As a Nice Guy I get the back of the hand of course.

I’ve read what you really think about me.

In your darkest thoughts I know guys like me DISGUST you.

But that’s okay because I know my worth and I know this isn’t really about ME. It’s about your own emotional woundedness that you just can’t seem to heal.

You say things like, “Why isn’t he here like YOU are?”

Or, “You’re so easy to be with. Why can’t HE be?”

But those aren’t the questions you should be asking.

Instead you should ask yourself this:

“Why am I constantly attracted to guys who don’t really LOVE me?”

“Why is it when I meet a Nice Guy who really loves me I CAN’T love him back?”

Answer those two questions my darling girls and you will have the answer you’re seeking. The answer to why guys love you and leave you each and every time.

Until then though?

I guess I’ll give you my ear.

And just keep loving the other girls who’ll let me.

I’ll keep putting myself out there.

Because I know?

I’m only looking for the few.

The few girls capable of passing the friend zone test.

One day I hope you pass it too.

What do you say girls? Time to finally put this whole need for a Bad Boy to rest and finally open up to loving the guy who is actually here for you right now?

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