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Why I Never Have Sex

One thing about me?

I never have sex with anyone.

Until I know a girl is ready?

Sex is “just sex.”

But when there is a real emotional connection happening too?

Then it becomes making love!

I’ve put my theory to the test quite a few times now, so I’m confident this is the right place to be coming from. I’ve had guys say they can’t believe my self-control, when I tell them how long I’ve waited sometimes.

Listen to me.

Sex is a big deal.

Especially to those girls you’re dating.

I know you horn dogs don’t get this yet.

But you’re really messing with their emotions.

Guys and girls are really different on this point. And no, I am not talking about the DTF girls who are the exception. For most girls they cannot have sex with you, without an immediate emotional bond forming.

When do you know a girl is ready?

When SHE is the one sexually pursuing.

Want her to pursue you sooner than later?

Make it clear to her you’re okay waiting for her.

The most important thing that determines a girl is ready, is her feeling completely SAFE with you. Once she sees you care, and won’t push her at all, it actually makes her really want you.

Yes I know.

You might lose a few this way.

And those DTF girls will think you’re not “dominant.”

Not willing to “take them.”

That’s alright.

They’re not looking for a real relationship anyway.

Girls who are ready to have sex in a minute, are not girls who truly interest me. I want a girl who wants me for me, and that means she needs to get to know me.

I even had a girl recently?

She was drunk and obviously begging.

Sorry guys.

That’s not what I mean by ready for sex.

When a girl is truly ready?

She is also completely in control of her faculties!

But I can also tell you from experience, there is nothing quite like when a girl truly wants you. You’re never in the position of begging for it, because she constantly wants to please you.

Am I talking Greek to you here?

Does this sound like an alien experience?

You need a recalibration my friend!

If you want to talk about it, hit me up please!

I will happily help you get aimed so you never have sex either.

What do you think? Could making it a policy to never have sex with a girl until she is really ready, turn out to be the game changer in your love life that you’ve been looking for?

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