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Why I Don’t Give Relationship Advice

If you’ve been here long you might have noticed?

I don’t give a lot of real relationship advice.

I don’t spend a lot of time teaching you.

Helping you and your partner to get along.

The reason for this?

It isn’t necessary.

In fact, that is completely incidental.

If you structure your relationship life the right way, you eliminate most of those problems from the start. The only reason you struggle so much, is you are doing this all wrong.

Think about it.

What frustrates you MOST about your partner?

Isn’t it the fact they let you down?

Or do things in a way you don’t like?

These frustrations aren’t really about your partner at all.

They happen because of YOUR expectations.

You think your partner owes you something.

What I teach you here is that your partner doesn’t owe you ANYTHING. If your partner chooses to give you their love, that is a PRIVILEGE.

The reason to be in a relationship with them?

It is because you actually value them.

If you don’t value them?

What are you doing with them?

Same thing if they don’t value you!

If either of these things is the case?

Move on!

Find a real lover instead.

The reason you can’t take my advice on this?

You’re INSISTING on monogamy.

Once you insist that you and your partner must be exclusive everything changes. Now it is all about them meeting your needs, and being committed to you.

You begin to assume upon them.

You begin to believe you’re ENTITLED.

If you live together, they have to do things just this way.

Once you’ve got kids?

The complications of this whole thing become exponential.

Nothing wrong with any of these things.

But they have nothing to do with LOVE.

What I teach you is to keep your relationship completely SEPARATE from all your problems. Live your life your way, and let your partner live their life their way as well. And never the twain shall meet between them.

When you do what I say?

You can escape to your love.

Your love becomes an oasis away from your problems.

Your problems don’t become projected onto your partner anymore.

There is nothing you have to work out.

Your partner can support you, but they don’t even have to.

Any support you receive from them?

It’s a gift that you’re grateful for.

What I’m telling you here isn’t rocket science at all when you really think about it. It’s just common sense when you open yourself up to what I’m saying.

But as Yoda said to Luke that day?

You must “unlearn what you have learned.”

You need to RESIST your cultural programming.

You need to get smarter than your DNA.

When you do?

Your love life will become easy.

And all those problems your friends stuggle with?

They will be a thing of the past for you.

What do you think? Can you learn something from this crazy relationship consultant who insists on never helping you?

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